hedonistic hot mess.
Truth bombs by request, the sequel…

Tumblr truths. Take that however you want (asked by noncromulant)

I have met several amazing people off of here in person and I have many more of you that I want to meet and hang out with.

I have collected a few of them and call them my minions. They are much younger than me but I don’t care… we have the best Bad Movie and Boardgame Nights.

I keep inviting people to come visit Toronto and stay at my place… Hotel Nicenfroosh. Probably not the safest of interweb practices.

People need to remember that these are just blogs, and only show as much of that person as they allow… In reality, they can be completely different in person.

That being said I feel like I know a lot of you, I am addicted to your blogs and the little peeping tomery that I get to do into your lives.

I’ve been told by people I have met in person that I am pretty much exactly as I portray on here, which isn’t all that shocking considering I really have no shame.

I know I reblog a lot of images but I like posting personal stuff too… I try to keep a balance. I prefer following “personal” blogs though, where I feel like I can get to know you.

I am not really a fan of gifs. or internet memes. But once in a while I find a gem of one.

I sometimes wonder what people like the most; images I find or reblog, my own egotastic photo posts or my verbose ramblings.

I am on here entirely too much… it sometimes affects my work.

  1. alliefoell said: I’m with ya, sista! I tried to pretend to BG that I’m a “private person” and he laughed at me. I’m all over the internets but I like it.
  2. mynameisabi said: I’m coming to visit you. Blanket forts and cheesy movies and pizza and puppies (of all varieties)
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